I'm a designer at Ellucian. I'm focusing on our design system and helping our team deliver experiences that are mindful, equitable, and accessible.

🧰 Here's What I'm Working On

My full-time employment, fun side projects, and ongoing contracting gigs:

📺 Trim 💬 Cüra 🗺 BondWay


Here are the published Figma Community files I have. You can keep up with their status, review their public roadmaps, and leave feedback for improvements.

Biometric Prompt

Facebook Chat Plugin


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🚧 More coming soon.

I'll be redesigning and filling this public Notion board with more soon. Right now I am mostly using this public space to be a little more transparent with my public projects.

🎶 Top Songs of 2020

Take a dive into my favorite songs of 2020 with this Spotify Playlist.


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